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QuickBooks Products and Training

A QuickBooks Pro Advisor and having used QuickBooks since 1992 when the first Windows version (3.0) was released, Nancy is proficient with setting up and using the software.  She can show you how to best use QuickBooks software to keep track of your business records at your skill level.  Training is available on an individual or group basis and is customized to your needs. 

Keeping adequate business records is crucial to tax preparation.  It is likely that many business taxpayers pay too much tax simply because their information is incomplete or inaccurate.  And surviving an audit depends on having records to back up income and deductions reported on a tax return.  This is why accounting software and knowing how to use it correctly are so important.  With her background in tax accounting Nancy can teach you how to record all income and expenses so they accurately reflect the finances of your business. 

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