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I generally schedule appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10am through 6pm, and Saturdays, 10am through 4pm, during tax season.  If you cannot find a date/time to fit in your schedule, please send us a message in the Contact Us page and request another date/time.

* * * NEW * * * 

A SECURE DROP BOX is now available outside my office for any documents you need to drop off ANYTIME without an appointment.  Place your papers in an envelope (up to 9" x 12") and put them in the very visible slot to the right as you walk up to my door.  I just ask that you send me a quick text when you drop something off while I get used to checking it every day.

PLEASE NOTE:  I do my best to complete tax returns in the order I receive the documents, but this is not always possible.  I make no guarantees that I can complete your return by the April 15 due date.  I will file an extension if I cannot complete the return on time and contact you to make a payment if there is a tax due.
The tax return will then be due October 15 and I will finish the extended returns throughout the summer.
I will add a $250 surcharge to the fee for any tax return that MUST be filed by April 15.  This is necessary because of the extensive changes to the tax code as well as the overwhelming due diligence tasks I must perform in order to comply with IRS rules and regulations.  I appreciate your understanding.  My usual cut off date is mid-March.

Once you have made an appointment, please click on the "Organizers" tab and download and complete the Engagement Letter.  New and returning clients should read the letter carefully.  There is new information in the letter.  Then you may download any appropriate Organizers you may need in order to gather your documents for me.

If you are a new client, please click on the "Contact Us" tab and send me a message before making an appointment.

NOTE:  Please do not schedule any more "Tax Preparation Interviews" until after April 15!!  You may schedule a "Drop-Off with a Quick Meeting", drop off your documents in the drop box outside my office, or upload your documents (go to the "Send A File" page).  Thank you. 
Please click on the "SCHEDULE ONLINE" link here --> Schedule online