Abacus Associates, LLC
Providing Tax & Accounting Services
to Individuals & Small Businesses 
Since 1987


Tax Preparation

As your Tax Professional, Nancy will work hard to apply the tax code to your special circumstances to reduce your tax liability to the lowest amount possible while maintaining your compliance with the current tax laws.  
Tax Planning

Successful tax preparation starts with effective tax planning.  This is especially true if you have a major life-changing event such as getting married or divorced, buying or selling a home, starting, growing or closing a business, or having a child or sending one off to college.  A mid-year consultation can help you avoid unpleasant surprises come tax time.

Nancy has used QuickBooks since 1992 when the first Windows version (3.0) was released, and she is proficient with setting up and using the software.  She can show you how to best use QuickBooks software to keep track of your business records at your skill level.  Training is available on an individual or group basis and is customized to your needs. 

Keeping adequate business records is crucial to tax preparation.  It is likely that many business taxpayers pay too much tax simply because their information is incomplete or inaccurate.  And surviving an audit depends on having records to back up income and deductions reported on a tax return.  This is why accounting software and knowing how to use it correctly are so important.  With her background in tax accounting Nancy can teach you how to record all income and expenses so they accurately reflect the finances of your business. 

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Payroll Taxes

We prepare quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, W-2s and 1099s for many businesses who do their own payroll in-house. 
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Nancy is an accomplished Accounting Professional who specializes in reconstructing and maintaining accurate financial records.  Whether you need to start up a new company, clean up a mess or engage with an ongoing service, Abacus Associates, LLC can meet your needs.
Files Organization & Restructuring

If your filing and bookkeeping systems are woefully inefficient and maintaining your records feels overwhelming, perhaps you just need to have a fresh eye look at your office and suggest a few changes to make it easier for you to get your work done.  We can help you understand what you need to keep or throw out, and how to cut down on your paperwork while having adequate records for tax and business management purposes.
Business Consulting

Thinking of starting a new company?  We can help you choose the best business form and tax entity for your situation, and understand your tax and information filing requirements.